hi all, i’m new on the forum, i’m using blender for a proyect of mine to do a dragon and perhaps make it move, i’ve been using blender a while back, but i’m still a noob i didnt even know waht it was to do uv maping, jej i’m still trying to figure it out using a tutorial :P, so if you could help me out here, i’m making the head (the first step), i’m doing the eyes and got some faces in another color and i havent even aplied any tipe of texture :S, i’ll post a screenshot as soon as it gets uloaded, i’m using a background image as guide to do the dragons head (my creation realy, not to good at draw so dont make jokes ok?), also, i dont know how to do the eye balls to keep it on a diferent texture than the skin, do i have to do it separated from the head and then join it without fusing the meshes??? (fusing is the joining button but needed a different word :P) also i still cant figure out how to model the nose and the mouth, well any help would be awesome, be waiting for response, by the way i placed some pics in the sticky post of the dragon head but its not the latest update, could an administrator delete it please, sorry for posting there :P, so here are some iameges, the background image :

and both sides of the mesh still not rendered, way more to go:


any help will be apreciated :smiley:

hmmmm i see u have quite a few triangles and thats not good. Try converting all these triangles into quads. the results will look better. the nose is a little easy but im not sure how to tell you how

To convert triangles to quads, type Alt+J.

ok ill try but i wont take them all, they make some rincles (or wrinkles not sure) that looks great even beter 'cuz i’m going for an ancient dragon or at least an aged dragon, yeah got those black colored triangles to go THXXX XD ,i’ll have to remember how they apeared, might use them in other mesh some day :smiley: they looked cool, but i dont need them in this one :stuck_out_tongue:
heres an update, i’ll try not to make them so closed but wanted to give an over all view

Could you show some wireframes cause it looks like you might have some problems with topology.

Ok, I will explain what musk said…

Go into edit mode [tab] and [Ctrl+Tab] select edges. There should be a button with a picture on it (like a mountain picture, right of a button with a magnet on it). Click it, and it renders the current viewport.

Maybe add a subsurf Modifier? Press [F9] and Add Modifier–>Subsurf. Increase levels to subsurface your mesh more, but higher you go, the slower your comp. I would keep Level at 1-2 and Render lvl about 2-3.

About the black triangles. They happen if the normal of a face points into the mesh whereas all others point outwards. Select the triangle in question and hit “W” to bring up a menu and select “Flip Normal”.

Besides… don’t got yet into detail. First make a base mesh with proper edge loops around the rough shape of the model. Then use SubSurf level 1 or maybe 2 and adjust to get the right shape. Then you can add filling in details or sculpt ( if this works… doesn’t for all for some odd reason ).

The mesh is far from what would make it easy to flesh your Dragon out. Maybe the best way is to start from scratch and get nice edgeloops in and such.

I like your drawing, looks ready to eat all the humans that come across it and maybe those in this thread, hehe.:cool:

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hi all thanks for the posts, well i already fixed the triangles as i posted in the reply/update, thanks to demoathon and N00bhaxor, so i’m posting some wireframes i hope you can see it if not i could post the .blend i have so far, 'cuz i couldn’t make to many that looked like the form i got lost in so many lines i just tooked 3 and placed it on an image here it is,


ok so besides that i know about the subsurf but it gives it a little too much soft curves and i dont like how it gets, i’m keeping just the smooth button just for now, i really didn’t understand the level of render, i got the subsurf but not the render part, how can i change valious on render button?? i’m just a begginer in this (if you like i’m more off a noob that just knows about a few buttons and doesn’t really know how to use them correctly), but i’m learning and this is my first alone mesh outside of a tutorial, how am i doing for a first starter???, thanks cyborg dragon not really a drawer but got it nice right??, i’m gonna keep changin this one i like how it’s turning out, thanks to all of you, lots of free time and a computer :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize you can crease edges, been in Blender since 2.34.

All organic models should have smooth flowing edgeloops to make it easier to modify and expand upon. Look up wireframes of creature models to see how the modeling should be done, currently it looks like it would be a nightmare to detail and UVmap.

Too clarify what CD said: Your dragon is lacking a good topology, which means you did not use edgeloops to define certain regions in your dragon. This in itself isn’t a huge problem if you are simply doing a still image from one perspective and you are not using subsurf.
BUT… propery topology will ease your modelling in that it allows you to form the nessecary geometry without having too many vertices. It also enables you to animate the figure and get proper deformation.
If you are unfamiliar with edgeloops I recommend the following thread as a starter:
and afterwards look at a few face modelling tutorials as they show what good topology should look like. It is not that different to model a dragon head or a human head you just have to convert your knowledge of the one modelling process and adapt it slightly to the shape of the dragon.
Trust me learning good topology will bring way ahead in character modelling and is definetly worth the effort.

I’m not sure if you will interpret this well, but here is a pic showing correct topology for any character for animation. (Found this on another thread, can’t remember which one.)


wow awesome tutorial, ok so thxs all of you for the explinmations, i will use this to make it better if i cant i start over, so give me some time to do it and see what i come up whit and i’ll post and update, as soon as someting starts to look like a dragons head