Well, just a dragon i made for a trailer for my 3d animation and motion graphic project

It is at the begining and at the end, enjoy :slight_smile:

Ahhaah, great really! Congratulations…
Do you plan to make a short from it?

Good Job. What program did you composite with?



Thanks for the comments guys! :slight_smile:

ShilaM, no plan yet… but you never know :stuck_out_tongue:

Pixel Master, i composite it with after fx.

SandroP, thanks and thanks again guys for the comments

Now that’s one Dragon that would love to devour anyone in its path.

Good work on the modeling, it’s too bad the Dragon won’t just eat everyone in the film, and does it have to be R-rated?

Yeah, it would be better if the dragon interact with the actor…but the work is a bit last min and the dragon appear very late in the storyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

No not R-rated…its just joke… lol

Thanks for the comment!