hey, just thought id show my progress on a dragon im doing, planning on using sculptris for finer details once im done.
i have a problem of starting projects and never finishing them but hoping to finish this one:evilgrin:


Not much to look at right now, but it does look like you’re going to need to get a basic topology flow going quickly or it will become a bit more difficult to model without redoing large sections.

Considering the way you started the model, you might need to make that your next step before doing anything else.

yea thats my problem with modeling, i can never get or maintain a good topology, and the more i try to sort it out the worse i seem to make it. :no:

while i totally understand the principle of topology, knowing about something and doing it are two different things, hoping im going in the right direction here http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/4156/screenshot1dx.th.png


these forearms are driving me insane, cant get the bend in the elbow right :frowning:


so i didnt like those forearms. they were horrible decided to try them this way so move them to the position i want when ive rigged it




struggling to keep the wing membrane as quads, think i may keep them like that and do a retopo when ive finished

almost 300 views and no one has nothing to say. really :frowning:

its looking promising. You are right about the wings though, you want to try and keep the quads as evenly as possible if you want to put any motion to it. I can see it evolving in the screenshots which is always a good thing :slight_smile: just have to keep in mind the topology to save yourself having to redo parts when the mesh gets too dense :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m still starting to understand how to define muscle structure. So here is my two cents.

You need to add at least two faceloop to the body around each appendage. (arms, legs, neck, tail) This will allow your to define muscles or tendons that attach to them.

Adding faceloops to the base of the head would probably help to.

You need to add half a faceloop down the center of its back. The reflection will complete the faceloop. This will allow you to add a depression or allow your to create ridges for the backbone. The Wing

You need to make all the faces on the wing into quads. You may not adhere exactly to the reference, but it will probably look better.

You need to make sure the wings are not just one flat surface. It will need thickness to render materials correctly.

thanks for info. do you have any images i can see of that to get a better idea of it?

Slightly different wing design, managed to get the wing membrane as quads that way, and some work on the feet.


Im finding a new found respect for people who do serious models, this is my first real project and i knew it wouldnt be easy but i didnt know it would be this difficult too but im learning a lot along the way. im learning theres almost a measure twice cut once mentality needed.

its getting kind of hard to see parts of my mesh now due to other parts being in the way blocking my view. is it possible to hide parts you dont want to see?

In Edit mode, select the vertices/edges/faces that you want to hide then press ‘h’. To bring everything back press ‘alt-h’.

its frustrating isnt it when you get tons of views but no comments happens all the time lol.
but on to the model, its looking good, you have the base shape there and its obvious what its going to be :slight_smile:

the neck and head though need to be much rounder… check out how they made the dragon from sintel to get an idea.
the wings look great, are they going to be transparent so that light can glow through and you see all the viens and stuff?

yea i box modeled it that why the neck is looking a bit square, will sort that out later, im going to change the body shape aswell make him thinner more sleeker.
i do plan on making the wings seethrough like you said, i was planning on using sss but i found that cant be done in cycles. i dont know if i saw what you meant by sintels dragon but i saw a sculpt video which is amazing, i love the sculpt option currently trying to get more ram for my pc so i can sculpt my dragon

Very nice work so far :slight_smile: I like how this is coming along. I had done a dragon a while back, I will try to find it and post it here. It may be useful for references or something :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

One thing to watch out for.

In the majority of cases, you wouldn’t want an L-extrude to be the dominating feature on a limb like seen with the foot geometry on your model.

You’d probably want the edgeloops to flow into the foot where you can and only have extra extrudes in the heel area if you need to add some bulk to it.

If you don’t practice good edgeflow, then your model might be difficult to deal with later on, especially if you want to change the pose.

yea that would be great, ive managed to do a lot of stuff by looking at how others have done theirs.

thanks for the tip on the foot ace dragon ill get ontop of that :smiley: