Hello guys, my last job:D The Dragon
Modeling Blender.
Texturing Mudbox.
Render Cycles.


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Is this the completed version of that Dragon-type you were working on a couple months or so back, because I think I did see that head somewhere.

The only thing that might seem off is that the muscles in some spots look like they’re in knots and may be in implausible shapes in terms of anatomy (almost as if he’s in pain)

Sweet! I’m diggin it.

Ace dragon: yes, if it is the same dragon.:cool:

jtsmith1287:tanks for coment! :yes:

Yeah, I kind of agree with Ace Dragon. Those delts should be attached to the wings, not to bodybuilder arms. I’d stretch the pects up to the wings, too, and move the arms down to a secondary shoulder girdle a bit lower on the rib cage.

Very cool model, I like anthropomorphic (or rather simian) body type. Different from your average reptilian dragon type. Cool!

Looks very cool. I agree with what others have said about the muscles but the texturing and lighting are great! Would it be possible to see your lighting setup?

Orinoco: thanks for all the advice, taking into account this change in the next dragon. thanks

: Thanks brother. The idea was to do something different and innovative.

: thanks for comment! clear that I share with the entire community inforamcion now!
Adj: Images with settings

Thanks a lot for that. Very informative. Makes me want to do some cycles rendering!

5 years late!
It’s never too late to say, you’re welcome!:blush: