My first sculpting project is finally finished.
425 000 vertices and everything done in blender and rendered with cycles.
Happy to hear some comments or advice.

For a better resolution:


Nice try for a first attempt, but a bit rough around the edges.

There’s a lot of lumps and bumps for instance which makes me wonder if you make any use of smoothing at all, take another look at the tools at your disposal and see if you can smooth out some areas and create clearer definition in others (so the horns and wing-fingers can have a nice and smooth, yet pointy shape for instance).

If you want to become a better sculptor, then always try to find the best tool and the best settings for each task.

That’s not bad at all! I like the way you styled the wings with that tattery look. I would only criticize that they look too flat.

Sorry, no tips… I’m still learning!

Hi Ace Dragon,
I get your point, and while I was sculpting I did use the smooth tool quite a bit, but the problem was that if I for instance would smooth the horns and spikes, the smoothing also effected the shape of the spikes and made them much thinner.
Or do you mean that I should change the settings of my hook tool while creating the spikes.
Thanks for your advice.

Thanks. I agree with you on the wings, that was one of the parts I struggled with.

There’s also the inflate brush for adding thickness and snake hook for creating the pointy ends.

As for the wings, I would just create the membranes as a separate mesh to start with and attach them to the Dragon with booleans (using the modifier).

Thanks for your advice.
I’ll keep it in mind while working on my next project :).

It’s good , one think i dint like really much is how thin and weak the winds look