Dragonballs (2009) *Make a Wish*

I wanted to work on some composting skills to try and get a decent render in Blender Internal and also do some physics work and sequence work, which is the reason for the short 1-day project.

Some changes I’ll make in the future, is Emitting light and Ray- Shadow, but for now I wanted a short and sweet Ambient Render.


What do I wish from the eternal dragon? To get my sight back

Your dragon balls are a wee bit bright. It kinda hurts to look at them. I suggest toning it down a bit. Otherwise they are looking pretty good!

Nice. I like the picture with the kid

Thanks for the replies and feedback. I’m still new to this, but I’ll try not to blind people with my work. nicktechguy, I don’t think the Dragon will grant that wish, but I will on my next render project. :wink: