Dragonbane rider

Greetings folks.
It’s my first thread here so please, forgive me introduction. Name is Radoslaw, I am a 3d artist (suprise oh suprise) with a bit more then 10 years of working experience under my belt, most of it in games development. I’ve been working with Maya but recently decided to move to Blender. Reasons ? Obvious and quite common I guess. I got like 6 or 7 unsuccessfull tries behind me- first one was around… 6 years ago or so but somehow it did not clicked between me and Blender at that time. Maybe I was just too inexperienced… Anyway- here is a little project I started to learn basics of Blender- a character on dragon-ish monster, based on little tabletop miniature from system that by now is probably dead but used to have quite popular- Chronopia. I begun with simple cube, made basic mesh, rigged it, posed and now I am testing sculpt tools.


Welcome to Blender Radoslaw!

It’s nice to see experienced artists discovering Blender. i’m sure you will like it.

that dragon is very nice, Your skills are clearly visible. But this dragon is a night creature, it doesn’t have eyes. That is a bit scary.


A really nice creature model to start out with. The experience is clearly visible. Although I would label this definitely a dinosaur and not a dragon. Hey what about creativity and make instead of a “dragon rider” ( YADR ) a dino rider for the change? :eyebrowlift:

Thank you for watching and for comments,guys, you are very kind to a newbie. To answer a question- I must admitt I did not paid much attention to taxonomy :). Here is original miniature, I found an rulebook for this system and it named this creature as “dragonbane” whatever it is.


Regarding eyes- it’s actually more my laziness then anything else- because creature will wear this headgear thing (helmet ?) that covers eyes I decided to just leave them. No point in modeling something that will be hidden, neh ?

yaaaay RK

tell your friends about blender =)


He he he- they all know about it. It’s, it’s not that anybody living out of 3d can be ignorant about it, now it’s more more about convincing people it’s realiable and powerfull enough. Actually this model is my own “trial” if I can I do what I want using Blender, without necessity of compromisising. Saying to customer “ok, it is crap but I did it in free soft” is hardly en excuse when you are taking money for results so I am not going to do it easy way for Blender and so far it goes through all trials with flying colours.

“Bane” is an old english word meaning something that causes death, destruction or ruin. It is sometimes used for poison or poisonous plants: henbane is a weed that poisons chickens, baneberry is a poisonous berry. Sometimes it refers to a person: Beowulf was Grendel’s bane, since, in the old story, Beowulf was Grendel’s deadly foe. So dragonsbane is not a dragon, but the dragon’s enemy. Looks a bit like a velociraptor. Nice modeling. I don’t think any of your clients will think your work is poor, whatever software you use. Welcome to

Thank you for explanations, Orinoco, I’ll keep it in mind. I guess if my Alzheimer would not have been so bad I’d remember about name of creature before creating a thread but… well… I doubt if its a name that really matters. In any case- deepest apologies for misleading naming.

No apologies needed. It’s a wonderful model, whatever it’s called. My only caution is that dragon titles tend to attract the attention of Cyborg Dragon, who thinks he is one (a dragon, that is. Don’t ask.) You can edit the title if you want, edit the first post, and use the “advanced” option to change the title. But don’t do it for me, I’m perfectly happy with Dragon Rider.

Ok, that was convincing :).


I think I am done with sculpting for a model itself- now I got to learn UV mapping to apply displacement textures for smaller wrinkles. I will of course model cloth, sadle, rider etc. but I want to go through all stages with one part before starting another.

Too late:D

Nice model by the way, what he needs is more defined gums and a tongue in his mouth and I could imagine myself being chewed up by it.

who thinks he is one (a dragon, that is. Don’t ask.)

Read my changed sig? I dropped that belief (for now, probably for good)

You know history? You told me the very same thing ( in PM ) once a long time ago and guess how many times you flippered forth and back … ¬.=.¬

Dude, don’t bring up the dragon thing. There’s a case of ban stigma on it like you wouldn’t believe.

Sheeesh… like if anybody would care if it’s dragon, overgrown lizzard or effect of sinfull love of dead rat and a frog. If anybody has constructive crit- he’s welcome to call it megacabage, I do not give a damn, if not- even most proper terms will not make his rant worthwile. No problem with anybody’ beliefs as long as I am not supposed to share them.
Sorry- so far I have no pics, learning UV mapping to be able to add bumps/displacement maps. Will take me one more day I am afraid.

Sorry, I was talking to odjin, not you.

No problem mate- I was not referring directly to you as well. Peace, love, boobs etc.

EDIT: It was actually easier then I expected. Most user friendly UV mapping I met in any app- pure pleasure to work with. Here is model with all seams on (actually I think I will remove some of them to avoid sewing UV’s back later on.


Ok, it took a while- probably I am not really learning as fast as I used to. In any case- I managed to apply a texture and start painting on it. I love brush tools (did not re-touched texture so far, just painting it in 3d) but IMO material editor is rather cumbersome, with options spread in too many places. That’s actually a first thing I do not like in Blender. Anyway- that’s what I got at the moment- it’s going to be a bump map, not a color map actually but using greenish tones somehow works better for me then gray ones.


Ok, I think I know how to render now. Material is not sophisticated so far but goal is to have reliable preview of normal map and for that purpose it seems to be ok. Texture from above attached to proper channel.


Wow. That is one sweet bump map. Impressive. No crits at this point, just watching you work. :smiley:

really like the texture here - looks good.