DragonBoy - A cute short animation (It's very good!)

I saw this over at CGtalk, I thought it was a really nice little piece.


DragonBoy Website (With video)

Be sure to check out their making of videos, very insightful.

aw, man, that was pretty nice… :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

I liked it a lot but one thing that bothered me in almost every student movie is made; that everyone is mute.

Good stuff.


who cares for words? This is cinematography at its best!

Tom & Jerry, Chaplin and Buster Keaton didn’t need words to bring a smile to our faces either… Pixar shorts are always silent too.

In this case, I agree that “being mute” didn’t hurt this picture – and may well have helped it. It forced the actors to act with their expressions (the Princess) and the choreography (the Knight). This picture is also remarkable for its strong sense of cinematography and story-telling. Really, I think it’s a piece of work to be studied and (so to speak) copied.

That is some top notch work there :slight_smile:

Slap-stick humor works great without words, but for more serious productions, like Charlie Chaplin movies; had those text thingies coming up all the time. I just felt like a couple of sentences was missing in this short. Nevertheless the animation and everything else was top notch.