Dragonfly Summer

C&C welcome

highres: http://stormraynes.net/wpinstall/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/dragonfly.png
Blender 2.6/ Blender Internal

I didn’t want this one to look totally real, so I added lots of iridescent shimmer and really green grass. Bright colors help with the idea of not so real. I am trying for a “memory” of a summer exploring and discovering rather than an absolute photograph.

P.S. Thanks to oanav for letting me share wip and her critique.

added a close up pf the dragonfly

Very nice work Maria, the dragonfly is great! I just think for a summer scene it’s not bright enough. I don’t get a strong sense that there is sunlight, also the flowers in the foreground maybe have some in the background also? because as is the background looks boring since we cannot see beyond it. Varying the blades of grass will also add more balance to your environment, keep up the good work.