Dragonfly (WIP)

Heres what I have been working on lately. Any suggestions/crit welcom :smiley:


It’s a bit hard to see from that render,maybe if you posted one which shows only the dragonfly.

Heres the dragonfly without anything else


The dragonfly is really cool. You’ve got a nice dof thing going in the landscape, and the texture on the mill is great. The only thing I’d change is the waterwheel, what you’re using is a design for an overshot waterwheel, where the water is poured in at the top into buckets attached to the wheel, which empty when they rotate down to the stream. Undershot wheels use the flow of the stream to push paddles attached to the wheel, and are generally wider and have no buckets, so they don’t lift water out of the stream.

The dragonfly is looking good, but I would add some blur to the wings to make it look like it is flying. Other than that, everything looks great, good job!!