Finally got around to finish this semi-abstract-robot-dragonfly :slight_smile: .
I spent about six more hours fixing the nodes for blur and glow. Discovered that OSA may screw up the composite rendering :spin:. Apparently the alpha buffer is incorrect, making the background go through where it shouldn’t.

100% Blender, NO other software used.


Nice job on the lighting and motion blur, however the body could use some work on.

I though so too but whenever I tried something it ruined the look I was after :spin:

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Cool stuff, space.warp :slight_smile:

As someone who has on numerous occasions tried to combine organic and technical elements, I know it’s a very special challenge to pull off convincingly.

This is also one of those projects that would be interesting to see animated at some point too.

Keep up the good work!


nice work there :slight_smile:
i like these robotic animal pieces :slight_smile:
4.2 stars, rounded up

I like the wings, but the body seems much too simple to me.

1,5 stars rounded down. No background. No nice shading. No meaning. You got the extra .5 cause you worked hard on the node editor.

Thanks :slight_smile:

bigbad: I’m already working on a second, more elaborate version. But, thanks for the .5