Dragonhead: Twalch-At Lung

Hi. I am making a Dragonhead. The Dragon’s name is Twalchat, or Twalch-at Lung.

The mesh is now nearly complete (Need some changes to realize foldings for mimics). Am searching for an method of joining two halves with Vertex-Keys. So I am writing an script for it. But it combines the Objects in an strange way. :slight_smile:

I am searching some methods to realize the Libs-Movement, too.

Leonard Siebeneicher

Am sorry for my bad english.


you should work on the textures, but otherwise its good.

Hi, RaitzeR.

The Texture would be changed.

But before I do this, I’ve to optimize the Topology for his Mimic.
Probably, that could take some time.

So I have to chew around with algorithmic Textures.

Do you know a way to realize Mimics for Lips?

The modeling is good, but the toungue looks a little stiff.

First of all, no need to apologize for your English. It’s pretty good. English is my first (and only) language and I’m still trying to learn it! :smiley:

As far as “mimic”, do you mean animating the lips?

Also, by “algorithmic textures” do you mean procedural textures? If so, I personally recommend going with UV-Mapping. Painting textures takes time, but the results are usually far better. To get similar results with procedurals would actually take far longer. Just my opinion.

Anyway, nice model, good work so far.


Thank’s for your answer.

In Germany I have been blamed often in school for my ‘bad english’. So I am very glad you do not so. :wink:

I thought about mimic in an much general way.
For animating the mimics of the lips I think I don’t need to change the topology.
To earn generally a better mimic, I have to chew on the draconi’s topology until it is suitable for animating the desired mimics.

Calculating UV’s I would prefer too. :slight_smile: Probably I have to change the mesh often. An UV-Calculation would be destroyed, wouldnt’ it?

Are you talking about some better texture of the tongue? Do you mean the Way his tongue moves?

The Dragon

For a time I watshed shome shots of growling wolves to become a better ‘growling-topology’ for the dragon. Many loops have been updated.

In Achtsamkeit,


As for UV-mapping:

As long as all you are doing is animating the model, there should be no problem with UV mapping. If you mean you are going to totally redo the mesh (as in take it apart and reconstruct it), then you would have a problem.

That I’m aware of, 99% of CG movie models are done with UV mapping.


If you mean you are going to totally redo the mesh (as in take it apart and reconstruct it), then you would have a problem.

It is true. I have to redo some Parts of the mesh to improve his mimic.

But this won’t take all time of the world. %|
When the mesh is complete, he would get an Unwrap and some nice textures. :slight_smile:

Twalch-At Lung
Mmmh. I realize the Mimic of the dragon with only one half.
The idea is to find a way to join Objects with shapes. For this Purpose, I am writing a script. It copies the Shape-Data correctly, but it transforms the mesh strangely.

In Achtsamkeit,
Leonard Siebeneicher

Nice eyebrowns and nose. This is where I have to work on.
(see my wip dragon https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=574810 )

I’m experimenting with Bones to get some mimics in Twalch-At’s Head.


looking good! one small point though… it looks like u have a mirror modifier after a subsurf this is (im guessing) why it has that line down the middle of the head… that should be easely fixed… apart from that it looks pretty nice :smiley:

Ya, if you get lighting and texture done…which i am sure you will get to, otherwise, cool dragon dude!