Dragonite WIP

Hey everyone! I’m working on a Dragonite for my live action Pokémon web series.

For those that aren’t familiar with Pokémon, he looks like this:

Feedback much appreciated! Mostly looking for tips on textures and shaders :slight_smile:


If you haven’t already, he’s in desperate need for more SSS shading (perhaps multi-layered and with plan diffuse shading having a bit less influence). This especially applies to the tendril things on his head and the wing membranes.

Right now as is, he looks a bit like stone, or plastic, and supposedly a live action Pokemon series would imply creatures that would have believable shading.

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn’t sure whether to use SSS or not due to the hard nature of scales - I’ll play with it later today and post results. - was going to try to get away with purely translucence on the wings, but I think you’re right - they need some SSS as translucence doesn’t add much unless there’s a light behind it.

As for the look of the show, here’s a previous episode (Start at 00:30 for the CG)

gosh dang it, because of you I went on a 3 hour youtube binge


looking good though

Hey everyone!
I rigged him up today and made everything a bit more Subsurface-y

Looks really nice! Im really liking the series so far. :ba:

I would make his smile a little more prominent; I always felt like he and his kin were a playful sort. His eyes are also a lot less anime but I suppose that’s what you sacrifice for realism. Did you mess around with different scales for the scales? They are catching my critical eye but I’m not sure why - I feel like they’d look better a little bigger.

He looks great though, and I freakin love the series. Keep it up!