dragonmech... almost there

well, maybe saying almost there is wrong because even though i think i will make changes over the weekend… well the chances of that happening don’t look too good in comparison to playing wc3. so i guess this could be it, but i don’t think it should go in the finished projects yet. what do you guys think?


Nice :slight_smile:

Good luck


The castle in the bg is a bit distracting… it’s almost as if it’s part of the dragon. hmm… how about making him fly either real close to the groud or soaring through the clouds with no ground in sight at all??

good mech though


what would you guys think if i had the dragon flying over the castle, and was shooting a firball at it? well, it’s mech so… a ball of plasma? i mean, i tried just soaring through the clouds but it seemed so empty… the dragon looked lonely :wink: and y’know, whenever i’m lonely i go blow up castles…

yes/no ?

Yes flying over the castle and fireball(plasma) sounds like a good idea. Good action. I’m likeing your dragon.

No fireball(plasma)

a lightning bolt!!!


geez stefano, why are you trying to make this difficult for me?! :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding. ok, i’ll try the lightning bolt and if there is time i’ll do the plasma. thanks for letting me have your opinions