dragons head

i did this its my first thing done in photoshop


C&C Welcome

Locking good for side view.

I usually don’t post in traditional, but then I saw the word ‘Dragon’, which tends to attract us Dragons.:smiley:

It’s very nice so far, try to get the shades that makes the horns look round all the way to the end of that one that’s one shade of grey at the very end.

Very good illustration, are you doing this to use as a reference for a model? That would turn out nicely. But then you would need to do a front view too, if not a back view as well. Keep up the work, it looks nice. Oh, and if you do a model from this drawing, just know that the way you have the horns drawn now, you would have to have the crown of the head be very wide, what with two horns on each side, bot not touching the neck of the beast. But, that may turn out like you want anyways.

Geez, my entire post is based on the “if you’re gonna make this a model” assumption.