dragons head

Here a little something i did in PS i found a nice helpful tool called flow control it really helps with zee shading any c&c would be appreciated


The Dragon is very nice, but the background’s a bit pixely.

Make a Dragon picture and you attract the Dragons:eyebrowlift:

thank you, Im gonna work on a better abckground tonight i think it was jsut a tempororaroaraoraroary (i cant spell that word lol) placeholder hehe you should see my website its full of dragons i have drawn :stuck_out_tongue: www.typhoon-sg1.co.uk

I like that work, full of nice Dragon goodness, and as a Dragon I like that art.

Maybe try a Dragon in Blender 3D sometimes, you’d be able to pose it using armatures for one thing.

hehe ive tried using blender i cant get my head around it :stuck_out_tongue: maybe i will pick it up one day again :smiley:

That is a very nice dragon. Reminds me of Mortal Combat. I like your choice of colors. I think it would look very nice as a vector version too.

i made a body for the head here ya goes!!!

Im gonna have to think about practising drawing landscapes dragons dont like living ina void of nothingness :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to post it by direct link but it was massive :stuck_out_tongue: can you please check it out on my site cheers :smiley:

I don’t know what is up with your site, but it made my browser lock up. I shut the tab, but took forever to close.

try optimizations; if visitors can visit without it locking them up, they may enjoy visiting your site.

I’d rather not visit your site…ever again…but nice picture though.