dragons head

i made a dragons head from a book i have. the body is in progress
please give some comments ('cause my family suck’s at it, they say its good)


I think you should focus more on uv mapping and texturing. Learn to draw bump maps also.

Right now you probably hit the polygon limit and you’re stuck there.

It looks like it’s thinking “grr, my head is on a table” …

Needs a better bumpmap, plus it looks like his jaw is not complete, you might want to complete his jaw and add Dragon teeth:D

The modeling is fine though.

¬.=.¬ … the mouth is closed CD you douche-bag!

Anyways. The eye-area looks really strange. The eye is sunken in the skull which is not good. He can not see more than a small conic area of the world right next to him. Eyes are usually only very slightly sunken. What stands out usually are the eye brows ( or eye bone ) which have the role to protect the eyes from rain and other things from above. Then as mentioned the skin is in serious trouble there. On the top it is all blurred while there are very sharp lines otherwise. If this is a Van-Goth dragon then this works out but otherwise it looks a bit strange. The jaw definitely needs some widening. Currently it’s impossible to tell where it starts or ends. Mind that especially where the jaw connects to the head you have to widen it since whatever you shallow has to pass through somewhere :wink:

I hope this helps a bit. I’m doing a quick guess saying this is “Dragon lair” what you had as reference.

thanks for the comments
… so what are bumpmaps?
i’ll change the eye and jaw but actualy, i exactly made it like the artwork thet i have (from kevin walker) but i don’t have an example on my pc.

A bump map fakes detail on your model that are not there. At the end of the day a bump map contains a ( best ) gray scale image indicating the height of a point on the model. Using the difference in height of neighbor pixels the lighting is manipulated. Therefore a flat surface looks like it has lots of details ( bumps, hence the name ).

well here i changed the jaw and the eye a bit and another lighting for a change.
an i used normal maps ( i don’t realy see the difference between the bump map)


I don’t really dig the eyes that much, just make them very slightly sunken with a ridge on top like on most Dragons. Putting them more so they’re less on the very sides could help.

Plus he really needs a better bump map.

changed the nomal map a bit i dunno
i like the eye


Those of us that aren’t “Otherkin dragons” don’t know (or care) what most dragons look like. It’s called creativity.

yeah well,
this is actualy a forest dragon, he’s just a lazy dragon, just dreaming in the sun lying in the grass.
it’s indeed not the average dragon (looks a bit like a snake or a crocodile)
(i’m making the body too just need to attach it and texture it)


Is the body staying like this ( meaning no legs )? Since then terming it a snake would match it better. And is this thing going to stay red? A bit an unlucky color in the forest if you are looking for food :wink:

Well my Dragon (true) form had some sort of ridge on top of my eyes, not excessively pronounced but you get what I mean.

You could consider it a snakelike Dragon or serpentine Dragon if it’s to be like a snake.

Little Tip: NEVER mention the word Otherkin near douche-bag CD or else your topic is going to be hijacked in a way it’s not funny anymore :frowning:

I don’t have any reason or way to hijack this thread, unless you want me rambling about Otherkin.

that body looks like it will be fantastic, is it an oriental dragon?

Even some of us that are closer to such concepts understand that concepts of form vary greatly between individuals. And as you incline, this is the realm of art.

And Odjin, can the name-calling in the art threads, it just makes everything even that much more unprofessional and makes you look bad as well.

I do like how the creature is coming along. And since no one seems to have actually put this together, normal maps and bump maps are two names for the same thing, with the exception that normal maps ALSO include the 3d-colorized vector maps that you can use these days. They all come under the NOR button one way or another.

-Weaver dosen’t want to feel a need to parent.

And since some want to be professional, so be it. Bump mapping and Normal mapping are NOT the same things. The technique is different. For normal mapping you need tangents and per-pixel lighting. For bump mapping you only need a gradient map ( dU, dV ) and no per-pixel lighting ( reason why bump mapping showed up while only per-vertex lighting existed ). :eyebrowlift2:

I think you did fine job. You wanted comments and not critisism. Well like I said. A fine job.