Dragon's other dragons

I can’t work on my movie at the moment - so I had to do something else :smiley:

About 3 hours so far, no references.

To me, it seems that the overall shape of the head has a bit of resemblance to that of a bottlenose dolphin as of now (with horns)

Is this intentional?

Great tip when it comes to modelling animal (mythical or not) is to ALWAYS imagine the SKELETON. The body of that dragon needs to have form.

Think about the rib-cage, then how the legs/arms/whatevers would be attached to the spinal cord, and then to that ribcage. The front part of the body would be significantly more “heavily built” around the ribcage, with heavy emphasis on the difference between the front half and the back half of the animal.

Other than taht, it looks quite good. The lower part of the legs needs to have a little bit more defenition from the top part, but again, the model is quite good.

Have fun.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The design just happend as I modelled - now I have one person saying it resembles a reindeer and one thinks it looks like a dolphin ^^ sweet.
Wefyb, I’ll remember your tip and try to give it more form. :slight_smile:

Worked a bit on it:

(Lighting is terrible…)

Looking pretty good. One thing i notice is that the hind “foot” is VERY long.

Both legs have 4 bones, look at the difference between the foot bones’ lengths.

Other than that, I like the model so far! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I know the proportions of the legs are a bit strange…

I decided I need some real practice - and started modelling Draco from Dragonheart :eek:

This is what I have so far:

The horns below the mouth seen in the updated image gives a nice touch, though I do agree about the hind legs.

You could go into the side view and tweak the geometry to reduce the length of the feet to be equal to those in the front as well as decrease the angle where the hind legs curve back.

I’ve never seen Dragonheart so I currently do have much comment on the Draco model, though the grouping of the horns into a crown shape wouldn’t really be my first idea when it comes to Dragon design.

thanks, Ace Dragon - I’ll propably change the hind legs.

Draco’s horns were wrong anyway ^^

…Crap. Now I remember why I don’t do fanart XD

Here is a dragon I’m modelling for http://www.legacyonlineentertainment.com/
(wtf happend to the picture? I tried to put it up again, but it doesn’t work…)

Edit: Finished it.


This probably doesn’t belong here since it’s not blender… but I want to show you anyway ^^
My first Sculptris-sculpt:

I think a lot of people here use Sculptris, and if you are bringing things to/from Blender then sure it belongs here. It’s good to see the entire process of something, not just Blender specific things.

The dragon bases you’ve made have pretty shape to them, and I like where the sculpt is going as far as texture for the last post you made.

awesome, your time lapse videos have just helped me out loads on a dragon i gave up modelling :evilgrin:
never been really good with modelling and i ended up over working it.

models looking really good. personal preference but id put some ridges on the horns so they dont look like tendrils