Some of you might know the ‘dragon mommy’ I made some time ago. This is the new version which I like more. Still a snake though.


please c and c as always.

Hmm… that snake looks more amphibious than ground-type… the stracture of body is similar to that of murena’s (you know that fish that looks like your snake, very agressive).

Make a swamp… it’ll look pretty scary there… Or ocean floor…

Very nice work…
But the branch the snake thing is crawling over [near the head] looks a bit boxy around the left side…
good job! :wink: [/u]

nice work. I’d put some semitransparent moss hanging from the thorny trees on the left to make them look more organic

its wierd, cause its still got that mother feel to it, even though theres no kids or anything of the such

looks great! nice style, I agree with you; I like it better than the first.

Stunning. Very artistic layout too, well balanced.

Very good render.

Hm, I love this style.
Great pic.
The composition is the best.

This is a very nice image nico. I think the snake/dragon model, and the composition of the scene are both excellent.

My only comment is that it could be made a little more interesting with some contrast. At the moment, the snake is similar to its surroundings (trees) in shape, scale, texture, colour, value (light). If even one of these elements could be made to differentiate it from the background, this could become a stronger image. Colour, texture and value are probably the easiest to adjust without adversely effecting the rest of the image - something you might want to try out.

Great work.

I love the feeling of this piece. Very well done! The only thing that gets to me (and, believe me, it’s minor) is the texturing on the environment. I’ll have to look at the last dragon render you did, but I swear I remember that one having better texturing. I could be wrong, though.

wow, super, perfect textures and lights

You have very nice textures in this picture, and the lighting is quite dramatic. I agree with Boggy that it seems like it would be very good at swimming, so it would probably look really cool if it were in some water.

I like this one very much, too! The textures look great. I do agree with Samir, that it would help if it stood out from the background a bit more… unless it’s supposed to be camouflaged?

Great render indeed.

I agree with oxman, some hanging moss would look great (a Dagobah swamp fell :slight_smile: )


how did you get the folded wrinkled skin effect on the inside curve of the neck? pretty amazing. It really adds to the perception of depth and also flexibility of the flesh on the beast.

yeah, and the head is very well modelled too. So much that you almost don’t notice it- On first glance I took it for granted- it was almost too real. Only when I looked again I noticed the nice shapes on the head, and the really nice way the mouth and teeth look. Strong work.

amazing…!!! :o :o :o

The dragon & lighting are beautiful, a lot of great detail in the face. The background could be better however, separating the trees from the ground plane and applying different mapping coordinates to them would stop that uniform streaking effect & make them look much more organic.

Which wrinkles? Ah… you mean those…erm… they were…intentionally placed there.

No, that was just an accident and I didn`t notice until I read your post. I was very time stressed (as usual, but that’s the only way I can finish projects) and I just used the standard mapping methods. Sometimes I get good results, but I know I’m just postponing to learn real texturing…

To explain the colours in this picture: The original render has different colours for the environment, but tried to pick the dragon colour and paint over the trees in photoshop. I liked it better than the original colours so the camo style was not planned, but came in at one point in the process.

Thanks for your comments !