I am going to attempt to remodel Dragonsreach skyrim, by installing the game, and then model it, now any architect would know there is a layout mistake Bethesda didnt know the inside does not line up with the outside, very bad, its like inside room 20m x 20m outside mesurement 15m x 15m eg. so i Know the first part correct when enter dragonsreach, then 5m to small 5 stairs equall to first part second part inside from 5 stairs 15m to yarls throne, where look right side room to Farangars area, equal to outside part.

But the problem is Right of where Yarl sit, those 20 steps to where there is a door lead out side to balconey, there is a distance of 20 meters under cover to the Balconey, where call dragon, that do not match, looking at Dragonsreach outside the walls of Whiterun hold looking it from side on if going up stairs from Yarls throne the exit door be out on balcony.