I have been using blender much more for the past 2 months, learning the basics, keystrokes, and functions. After 100s of tutorials, articles, and project I started to make myself familiar with the program, (former basic-intermediate Maya 6 user and gave Blender 1.8 a shot before returning to Maya, interface was easier in Maya) I have created my first biological creature, a dragryphon. I wanted a dragon, but it looks like a hybrid dragon and gryphon after the basic mesh deforms to get the shape. I worked on the head first and I like the way it started to look so I continued.
Box modeled body and wing frame, panel cut molded to the shape with subsurf mod on entire model.

From the experienced guys and newcomers alike, how does it look? Total roughly 4 hours (broken up over a couple days) to get here. Its not finished yet, still have to do the spine spikes, scales, legs, arms, talons, teeth, tail, eyes, rigging, armature, and texture.
And to think I wanted to model a human female/male figure.