Dragster Pilot

I’m modelling a pilot to rig with my Dragster in Focused Critic, so I need reference photos from humans, they must be free because I have no money. I have the helmet so far. http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/8146/febblenderbattles0zw.jpg

if you have a digital camera, take some photos of yourself. usually cameras has auto-triggers… else try searching google or alltheweb

My last Digital camera got ran over by a bobcat at a sawmill, I haven’t gotten another one yet, in case you haden’t guessed I don’t have the currency either. I did google it and not much what I’m looking for came up. Suprised not many people know of a good place.

Here is a site that sells Safety Gear for racing Simpson Helmets

You could also check with the actual association your modelling from IHRA/NHRA
Check for images in these sites you should find some of them in the car at the chrismas tree and so on…

This also has a ton of racing photos from all forms of motorsport racing. High format aswell. Motorsport.com/NHRA If you go back a page you will see that all forms of racing are in there if you want images of IHRA aswell.

Sounds like a cool project.

Those helped a lot! Thanks, googled but couldn’t find much good dragster photos. It is a entry in Alltaken’s website BlenderBattles monthly competition.

Edit: Sorry but I have given up modelling humans, the interest isn’t there like it is for inanimate objects. Perhaps it simply isn’t my destiny.

There is a free human body maker (stand alone) but used to be a blender plugin at one time.


It has a pretty simple interface can make men or women (no clothes though) You can modifiy any part you want in the interface (down to the eyelash size… Then save the resulting mesh as a OGJ file and import the mesh into blender and add clothes as you like. If you want to change there pose then you will need to bone the mesh afterward in Blender. I just started using it myself a little while ago. It is very detailed. I did it to make the clothes though (needed a maniquin).

Good luck on your model.


Ronson2k3, I know it’s an old post, but thankyou! I did in-fact use MakeHuman. You saves me a lot of pain, thanks again. Here is my Blender Spawn:


If you want to see the pilot and his jumpsuit, ask in a post and I’ll post it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Pilot/Driver” in his uniform. That would be pretty cool aswell.

If you want to make something of a drag race thing in space you could make like a jump gate kinds thing This one is out of Babylon 5 I would make it different though as your having a race (you need multiple lanes). You could add neon advertising to the gate (as the real strips have plenty of sponsers all over the track). In space these would need to be lit up(neon) or lighted(spot lights).

Also there are the 3 stars of Orions Belt. From earth they are tilted but in space could be rotated to act like a christmas tree of sorts for the race.

Racing Through Orion… It has possiblities…?