"DRAKE" A Dragon. new test video and problem

've been working on making a dragon model based off the dragon from Shrek, i’ve only been modeling for 5 hr and this is what i have now:

it is only the head but it has eyelids/sockets mouth (not finished), and a nose.


bad link.use preview before you post

bad link, and you’ve posted this twice.

use an image host like www.imageshack.us, and press preview before you submit a thread, like Jedi said.

bad link still, but the modeling is comeing along.

the link is good i can copy and paste it into my browser and get the image. i just don’t know why the picture in the topic didn’t work. i’m hosting th picture on my own site found in my signiture. it still has some stupid default stuff on it from Netzero but i’m in the process of deleting them.

sorry had bbcode disabled

there’s areas with ripples (between eyes and around eyes).
the model seems to have too many vertices for a start point.
try to model him in a simple way for beginning, and add details after you’re satisfy with your global shape…

try to have a look to this:

there’s a lizard modeling tutorial in this thread that could help you, I think.
even your dragon won’t looks like a lizard, this tut gives a good approach of modelling it!

keep at work :wink:

most of it is extruded, and subdivied

extrude is essential for modeling.
subdivide often gives to many vertices for a start (lot of vertices, lot of work)

try to use face loop cut (K hotkey in edit mode) for adding vertices in a particular area (ex: in eye area)

i used alot of face loop cut.

Well modeled so far.

Update. started on body & tail not finished cause only had a few hours but its all i got so far.


crits welcome. it may take some time to get the legs just right. on every attempt so far they have looked crapy

Why that dark line in the middle? Is that just the design, or…?

If you want that dark line to go away, try removing the doubles (w -> remove doubles, in edit mode), og to recalculate the outside (ctrl+N in edit mode).

Also, I think the mouth looks a little too glad :slight_smile: Maybe it’s supposed to, but it just looks a little funny in my opinion :wink:

But anyways, nice design, and nice forshape, and keep us updated!

Could we have a wire to see? =)

added legs and wings (not finished). fixed tail. made it more bulky. not set smooth here. subsurfedx4. line down tail is a fluke soon to be fixed.


i think the feet look goofy. the mouth will be animated by RVK. teeth are next

man that is a lot of verts.
but i have to admit… it looks freaking nice.

Here is a wire


Looking Good I look forward to seeing the finished product.

i’m going to need help with textures when the time comes cause i never really got how to do it. i’m going to have it so i can pull back the lips to show the gums and teeth. can you apply 1 set of bones to 2 objects and move the bones for the 2 objects at the same time?

Sorta looks like the dragon from Shreck :smiley:

its ment to look like the dragon from shrek