Drake texturing

I’m kind of at an impasse as how to give the character a more realistic scale texture. Currently I’m using a color map that has several layers, including one that I used a cloud filter on. The normal map was created using Voronoi procedurals.

What changes should I make to it?


I tried using a stained glass Photoshop filter for the bump map, but the results aren’t quite what I was hoping for. I’ve been trying to find a procedural setting that imitates the effect of the filter. Any suggestions?


I wouldn’t think Dragon scales being as angular as a glass Mosaic, Mapzone is a seamless texture making program and has a scales preset.

Also, when it comes to texturing a Dragon you’d be best in using stencils in node materials, so you don’t have the normal scales in the area the belly scales should be.

I’ve download MapZone, but I haven’t been able to create a scale texture, or find the preset.

Do you have the default folders that come with the installation? All the examples of textures are in those folders, I should’ve said scales don’t come as an FX Map, but is one of the pre-made textures ready for tweaking.

blender has a plugin texture with scale texture

it might be use for your skin texture
but youmay have to set several material to define the size of scales and where they are located


I found the scale texture and I’ve been getting in to MapZone, it looks like it’s going to come in handy.

I already have the scale plugin, the trouble is that it’s more suited towards fish scales.

That is for fish scales as I remember, the MapZone preset useful for Dragon scales. I used textures derived from it for my Dragon, works pretty well.

Okay, here’s what I managed to create. Any suggestions for it?


You could try to make the scales look more tightly fit with each other, plus I’d shrink the scale of those scales and have a much bigger pattern with a higher res texture.

Play with the nodes, it can take a bit to master Mapzone but eventually you’ll know how everything works.

Mapzone has been quite fruitful, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Here’s a test shot of the texture I created with it.


Here’s the result of using a Mapzone-generated bump map. After playing around with Blenders settings, I found a result that I was happy with. What’s you’re take on it?


Didn’t know there was an unread reply here, the normal map looks fine right now, just make sure you have it calculated for OpenGL. Also, do note node materials with stencils to blend the materials work well for creatures (works on Dragons too)