Drakiri The Dragon Slayer [RPG]

This project is pretty much an introduction to blender for my friend, (I’m teaching him what I know)
it’s also my first time making an RPG, so we’re both learning (a lot) from this. Anywho, here is the main idea:

-You’re some guy named Drakiri, and after the mean ole dragons stole the town’s beloved and sacred statues, they send an inexperienced knight (which is you) to return them. You will go through multiple dungeons, purchase things (AND stuff) to help you along your journey, and kill lots of dragons.

This is what we managed to get done in about 2 weeks:
(As always, please excuse the TERRIBLE quality of the video)


OH YEAH, I actually made realistic trees ^
and not square minecraft-type ones!! I can’t believe it either.

Game created by:
-Alec Cunningham
-Richard Johnston

Nice blood-splats when you take damage.

Actually, that’s the dragon’s blood.
It does look as though its yours… damnit

Then nice blood splats when you kill the dragon!

Upadte #1

-Improved Dragon slaying (+ immensely more satisfying)
-Camera when inside houses doesn’t freak out as much

So far, the map is looking like it’ll be massive…
bigger is better, right? Or would it be too much of a chore?

How is it better?

So far, the map is looking like it’ll be massive…
bigger is better, right? Or would it be too much of a chore?

In my opinion, “more fun is better”. Having a massive world that is not fun to navigate is just going to be more “not fun” that you have to deal with. For 1-2 people, bigger is order of magnitudes more work so you are more like to get discouraged and stop. So I vote, smaller.

Well, the footage in the video uses my OLD slaying mechanic which sucked ass. The new one is improved and makes the slaying less ‘hard’ to do.
You could easily take on a group of 3 or so dragons, whereas before it’d be near impossible because you had to be so precise as to where you’re hitting.

Regarding the map;
say it was very detailed and had a lot of things to see and explore, would your opinion change?

Very nice man! Seems cool, seems minecraft-ish, but it still looks like it would be fun playing once it is finished, so keep up the good work and I would love to have a bit more of a ‘tour’ so most of us would understand what you are dealing with here :smiley: so I like the feel of it and i would love to see more.

Keep DIS up! :slight_smile:

For me, that does not sound interesting in-and-of-itself. Anything that you put into your game is going to be fun for some people and not fun for others. Check this out for one take on what people find fun about games http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartle_Test.

I’m probably mostly an Achiever type, I just like to beat the game. So if the game is billed as get all the statues back then I’m really only interested in killing the dragons required to win the game. I rarely do side-plots or mini-games and I only rarely go exploring for the sake of exploring. So unless a big, detailed level somehow made it more fun to track down and kill the dragons then it would just annoy me.

But there are plenty of other people that will spend hours wandering around just to see what is hidden in there and will tell you that is fun. As far as I know, nobody is able to know what will be “fun” all the time and that is one of the things that makes game design difficult.

Ok, thanks for the honesty.
To satisfy the need of everyone, there’ll be side missions, but won’t be mandatory. (and won’t reward much, just the ability to obtain 100%) or something.
The gold you need will be in dungeons (along with the statues), might have some that are in hiding around the map. Collectables too

Update #2:

-A prologue/tutorial level
-In the progress of making a video (should be up in the next couple of days)
-LOTS of visual improvements (added lamps, and made his face more 3D (nose, ears, etc…))


HERE IT IS! The prologue mission, (also serves as the tutorial)
It ALSO introduces you to your partner, whom you meet later in the story

Hey dude,
how did you make the game stop?

and by the Way Nice game!!
keep working on it!!


While it’s impressive that you’ve managed to create this basic working game, I think it could really benefit from some more love in your scenery and graphics. The world so far, looks rather uninteresting to explore.

I would also expect that there be some animation for the death of those dragons, even if it is as simple as a puff of smoke.

I hadn’t even thought of that, I’ll come up with something! :]
As for the graphics, I was never too good at making them look decent… 'was thinking of scratching the idea (of it being an RPG/open-world) and making it more linear.

I’ve also been a bit busy lately, so we’ll see what happens once I pick it back up!!