Dramatic time modification

is there any way in blender to dramatically speed up/slow down time on the entire scene. i.e. the Matrix

just used it this a.m.: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/VSE_Built-in_Effects#Speed_Control_Built-in_Effect

You really need sub frame control to be able to do that “Bullet Time” effect. If you could slow down the speed to sub-frame samples (i.e. each frame is divided into a number of samples) you could do it. It may be possible to do in Blender, but, having done it myself in other packages, I can remember having to set the framerate to samples. Blender doesn’t have this ability a.t.m a.f.a.i.k.

You can also use MapOld / MapNew in the PlayBack buttons (press F10 twice).


Can that be keyframed? Say, for an imaginary 100 frame animation, could you play at normal speed from frame 1 to 50, than frames 50- 60 are slowed to last for, say, 100 frames, then frames 60-100 return to real time, resulting in a 200 frame animation? I think that’s what the OP was after. Thanks.

No it can’t.


what I ended up doing in my scene was using an empty’s location as an IPO driver for the time IPO of each object I wanted to slow down. Thusly, if the empty moved one unit in one frame, it was realtime, if it moved less in one frame, all linked objects would go in slow motion.

Did that make sense? I can post an example if need be. (you might need to PM me for the example if you want it, because I might forget about this thread)

[edit] here’s an example- sorry for all the extra stuff, but there’s already multiple things set up for slow mo (the car and the curve it follows) and the camera isn’t. Thus, I can selectively let things go slow-mo or not. Just advance the timeline, and watch how the speed the “time” empty moves affects the linked objects. If you wanted, you could make things play backwards, or jump to a certain point in time, too.