Dramatis Personae

This is one of my latest from my “Theatrical” series:

Dramatis Personae

…the masks of drama.

(direct / full size image link - expand in browser if necessary)

Pure Blender.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Nice! 5 stars.

Very nice. You really have your own style!

i love the upper part of it… the second mask and the blue… i don’t know. confuses me.


awesome, as always. The theatrical side of the image is really cleary shown (with the masks emotions and the masks themselves).

Great job RoberT !

I almost think this would be better without the red wave going through the middle.

grat work…i would rate it as my favourite from your series

That crazy! I love your style.

Looks like the joker from the new Batman

It works good as a theatre poster but I think the background effects could be improved, something more scratchy and less…should I say, round.

Makes me think of the work of a school of San Francisco bay area painters in the 1980’s, I really enjoyed this one. :slight_smile: