Draping cloth with soft bodies

Has anyone had success achieving realistic draping in cloth using softbodies? Ive been experimenting, but have not yet found a good way of creating natural looking horizontal folds. Any ideas, links, etc are much appreciated, thanks!


Real quickly, it appears that the settings are there, just figuring out how to use them :slight_smile: Edge stiffness and rigidity should be set, but probably more important is setting goals for adjacent edges that are in a zig-zag (from side view) pattern. And then let it run and figure it out.

Also self collision, otherwise it won’t fold so much as slip through itself.

ok, so i just did a skirt. here’s the settings. The body has a deflection damping of 1.

The material has a goal of a vertex group called waistband, so it doesnt fall down. Friction1, mass 2, speed .2, gravity normal 9.8.
Use goal of waistband, Gstiff 1, Gdamp 0, Gmin/max 0 and 1
Use Edges and Stiff quads. Estiff .2, Edamp .5. Aero 0 (havenet trided blowin in th ewind yet), rigidity 1. I did not juse self collision, but yes, you need to if theres a chance it will fold in on itself.

hope this helps.

BUT NOW I HAVE a problem. I know, hard to believe. Her leg goes right through the skirt. WARNING: SHE ISNT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR. (potential nudity). Any help would be greatly appreciated. It must be soemthing stupid…I used a simple shape key to deform her leg…help?!


The skirt is not on the same layer as the leg.

doesnt seem to matter.

Have you tried setting the legs to be Deflection objects?

the whole body mesh is.

Look again :wink:

You don’t get a convincing result with your settings though…

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Please read how softbodies work :slight_smile:

Softbodies have the rule to only collide with objects on the SAME LAYER.

So changing makes this work :slight_smile:



I took a depper look into the file and you may like to test this:

  1. enable colledge

  2. enable collface

  3. turn up the minimum and maximum steps per frame (right panel)

  4. IMPORTANT: use a nice mesh! just subdividing it 2-5 times gives the number of faces which is needed for such an animation IMHO.

I tested it and it works.