draw edges?

I was wondering if there is a “draw edge” tool in Blender. I’m asking this because I’m doing a polycount videotut about head-modelling, but the creator of that tut uses 3DSmax and takes good use of such a tool. Of course I can do the same with subdividing and facecreation, but such a tool saves a lot of time.

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If you are in edit mode and have a vertex selected you can hold down the Ctrl key and left mouse click to draw edges. Or you can select two vertices and press the F key to create an edge between them.

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yeah I know that, but what I mean is a tool with which you can click and drag from one edge to another (not vertex) and that this sorta “subdivides” the face I was drawing on. It’s split in two…

to turn draw edges on, go to the edit buttons (F9) and press on ‘draw edges’…

to do what you say you must select an edge and press ‘w’ and then ‘subdivide’…


nope, the closest thing at the moment is the rusty knife script
though blender needs tools like that in the future

okay, thanks!
what does the rusty knife script do, and where can I download it?

have a look at teh script list here:



how do I work with it?? :expressionless:
I load the text, press Alt + P, and a button saying “cut” appears. But I don’t know how to work with it…

Go into face select mode. Select a row of faces you wish to cut. Hit the cut button. You may have to clean up the endpoints of your cut if you didn’t cut from edge to edge of your mesh – just move one of the end vertices of the cut to see what I mean.