Draw mesh trace following another object


i animated an object using drivers. So, no curves are involved that are followed (plain math functions combined with frame position). Also the movement is not “predictable” because randomness was added, so i cant install some curve along the path in advance.

Anyway, I would like to “paint” a mesh following my animated object. It should let the already “painted” parts should not disappear anymore, like painting on a sheet of paper. So its not simply following but more drawing a trace in shape of a complex mesh …

Do you know how to do this using blender?

My first idea was to start with any shape/face and extrude it to the current position of the tracked object.
But this might end up in a very rough shape since the distance of the positions between two frames could be very long … so maybe creating faces of the base shape + merge + interpolate somehow would be a better solution … but … in both cases … i have absolutely no clue how to do this …

Any suggestions or other ideas?

Best regards

You can try using Animation Nodes or Sverchok for it.

Ok, so no standard tools available from blender i guess … I tried already geometry nodes but it seems to me even more complex^^ but since i am software developer and python skilled, i think about writing some custom stuff for this :wink: but maybe step after step :smiley: