Draw_mesher (generate curved surfaces mesh directly from sketching,C++)

this addon is for blender2.8.which generate mesh directly from your sketching virtual curves (eternal parameterized,written with C++ code).

There are two method of mesh generation currently:
1: ROTATION: a spin mesh can be created by drawing curves on a plane space.
2: LOFT: a loft mesh can be created by drawing curves on two or three planes space. (Note that you can only draw lines on one plane at a time, and your current perspective determines the currently activated plane.)

When you select a point and press W, two control handles pop up. You can adjust the weight of the point to better control the shape of the curve ,If you don’t want to draw the curve and leave, press the Right Button or ESC key to exit the draw mode,
When you have finished the curve drawing, press G to generate the mesh, and you can continue to adjust all the curves after generating the mesh.
you can always go back to edit mode, by pressing edit button, because the generated object is eternal parameterized.even you save and close the scene , the next time you open this scene you still can continue the last editing state.

my custom curve has some uinque feathers:
The number of segments is automatically allocated according to the length of each section. to ensure all segments have the same density, (but the built-in Betz curve does not have this optimization. It allocates the same curve segments for each section, and the result is that the density of each section is different. )
the curve point handles are located automatically it’s can be called : auto-curve.

now it’s free to try(for blender2.8 windows x64 only temporary):
draw_mesher v0.2.zip (1.3 MB)

you can support me also:


Are you going to release also a Linux version?

it’s for windows x64 temporary, but I will try to compile a Linux Version in the future, although I have never used Linux before.

Awesome! Thank you!

It’s remind me Polybrush. I don’t know if it’s possible or not… but it would be really good in real time.
Like this:

I can make this brush feature to the addon in the future, it’s not difficult to implement.


Cool, thank you! (:

Hi, just got this really cool addon. Is there a way to close loops, or snap to edges, so I don’t have to do it manually after creating the mesh? Connecting the end points of the splines would be really nice. Or maybe it’s in and I already missed it?

This looks great. Will definitely get.

yes ,this feature will be added , and more features are planning, for example custom preset shape of curves, custom obj brush for drawing solid model, drawing pipe…


Hi, custom preset shape is added now ?

not work on 2.81 :frowning: can you fix it ?

Hi, I have bought your addons on Gumroad and Meshtools works perfectly but Draw Mesher send me this message and quit working:
“this is a trial version already expired, to use it you need to update the product”’
I am using Blender 2.82.
Can you please update the file on Gumroad?
Thank you

will update within few days, and add some new feature. such as closed curve.

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Hello, any news about the update or any working version of the addon with 2.82?
Thank you

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