Draw or sketch polygon shape in Blender?

Hi there

I’m still getting to grips with Blender so please forgive me if I’m missing the obvious…

Is there a tool/script to draw or sketch out polys in Blender? Currently I’m modifying primitives and planes to get the polyshapes I want.

thanks in advance

Not entirely sure what you’re after but you can “draw” a couple of ways. The simplest is to start with a single edge (make a plane and delete 2 vertices), select one remaining vertex, move your mouse to where you want the next vertex and left click while holding down the ctrl key to add edges and vertices. You will still have to create the poly’s to fill in the mesh using the above method and/or the extrude (EKEY) and face (FKEY) tools. Be aware that Blender will only allow faces to be created on 3 and 4 sided poly’s (except f-gons now which is a whole other discussion :P)

You can also use nurbs/bezier curves and then convert them to a mesh (Alt C in object mode). I don’t recommend this though due to the number of vertices that get created.

Either way I find a bit awkward. I would almost always start with at least a plane (or some other primitive depending on the model) and extrude it and subdivide it and push it around into what I want.

Just to clarify what I mean by drawing polygons.

Without modifying any primitives - I just want to place points in space which form polygons.

step 1 - make sure nothing is selected

step 2 - enter draw poly tool

step 3 - left click 3 different places in viewport

step 4 - Blender automatically fills in the triangle formed by the three surrounding vertices

Anyway it looks like Blender doesn’t have this functionality? But your method will do nicely for now.

thank you