Draw Shadow Mesh

How do you use the “Draw Sadow Mesh” function in the UV image windows view menu , whie texture painting? When I click it nothing happens.

Add a Subsurf Modifier and you’ll see the “shadows”.


Okay I see it when I use a subsrf modifier but when I go out of UV face select mode it disappears. In face mode it shows along with the UV map so I don’t see the use for it. Can you explain how it is used?

It just allows you to see where the subsurf UV’s (they’re not real faces) are while you pin, stitch, weld and unwrap again and again. Sometimes, while doing that and only having the ‘Cage’ visible, some of the little subsurf UV’s can get horribly pinched, stretched or squeezed together. Since the adition of Live Transform and the “SubSurf UV” button in the SubSurf Modifier tab those problems are not half as bad as they used to be.


Take a look at figure 11.53 on this page of the link listed below. The Draw Shadow Mesh is being used as a reference for texture painting. The UV map is not shown, only the shadow mesh is shown. I am trying to figure out how it is done. I assumed that its purpose was for texture painting.

Just hit A in the 3D window to deselect all UVFaces.


Okay, I see now. I don’t use Blender for painting, I export to Body Paint3D or Photoshop. I had some time and thought I would look into blenders newest paint features.
Thanks a lot.