Draw the Sword! <-- UPDATE!!

Ive been away from blender for a while… so i grabbed a new CVS version and did this:

New Version with more the look i wanted:

GIMP curves, levels & brightness/contrast adjustment
Blender Sequencer (glow effect)

Old one

Blender Sequencer (glow effect added)

grr i was going to do more for the hilt… but blender kept segfaulting… im trying to locate the bug, but no such luck yet… so be nice about the hilt :wink:

I’m not sure I like th haze effect. makes the air look really dirty and polluted.

:frowning: no more replies? cmon folks

My eyes are watery!

Make it less pale, and make the sky more blue.

I REALLY like the shot, but I think the mist obscures it a little too much… Its a GREAT angle and good modelling.

Wow, great shot f00f, I really love it. Great atmosphere. What did you user to make the grass by the way, Fiber?


f00f, shouldnt you be programing distray instead of actualy using blender :stuck_out_tongue:

nice work. is the glow plugin (and other sequencer plugins) included in blender now? The fact that I have to ask that leads me to: Where have I been for the past eon?

  • emk

Did some more PPing… i kind of like the new look more… its a bit more what i was going for (storybook/fantasy] like)


I really thought it was a cross, not a sword… I guess I should really read topic names next time. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks better, but a cross would look good too.


yeah, but i had to end up doing a lot of by hand tweaking to make it look exactly the way i wanted it

emk: yep… glow is in! :smiley:

Awesome atmo! 8)

It’s got a really good mood.

That second shot is very nice! :slight_smile: It does have a heavy fantasy feel to it, I love it.

Wow, very cool! But what’s that Sequencer glow effect?

The first one was better. The newer one has so much banding that it looks terrible, and far too much jpegedness. :frowning:

You’ve made an awesome scene, but I have to agree with Dittohead about the compression. I thought you were a PNG advocate.

very very cool, however i would say add tons more moddeling detail to the sword cuz it looks too simple for such a realistic environment!
maybe like a dragon along the blade then curves and nobs on the handle