Draw The Sword -- Update!


Catching up on an old blend :smiley:

I made the sword look better… and did some more tweaking of the environment

I hope you guys like the atmosphere :smiley:

Excellent lighting work. Really shows off the mood well.


wow :smiley: thats awesome coming from you… your work is totally cool :smiley:

:o :o

:smiley: thanks man

i love it. reduce the fog though so we can see the handle. it looks like it extends into the coulds. other than that, ive got a new desktop wallpaper :slight_smile:

Great mood and lighting.

Thanks :slight_smile: I should render a 1280x1024 :slight_smile:

That is a fantastic image Blackmage. Beautiful mood and camera angle.

I agree with the previous comment about the disappearing handle - maybe the hilt area needs to be less flat. But other than that, Bravo!


i would say perfect fantasy art!


Very moody, good work on all aspects of the image.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

You have convinced me to print a poster of it… i think ill put it in my front room :smiley:

ooo, a poster. nice idea.

Yeah, where’s your handle? :wink: Also, the sword appears to be twisting as it goes towards the end… This is probably caused by the specular spot (or whatever is causing that area) ending… Oh well, I do love the atmosphere.

Hey, f00f. This is still an awesome blend, but that banding still stands out.
Try dithering it! (renderbuttons, output) :wink:

Hmm… the banding came from the PP… but i think its acceptable considering that its supposed to look sort of drawn.

Excellent work, as usual. :wink:

I’d probably make it a little less hazy, but that’s just a personal preference. Other than that… :smiley:

I ran out of excuses… here it is… did some manual tweaking with the blur tool:


Great! I like your Excalibur. One thing, that could be corrected is that sword is too flat.

Like I said on IRC, love it. However, there’s still no base to the hilt.

Oh well, it’s still good. Nice improvement.

I agree with the others, beautiful picture, but the sword is really too flat, especially the handle!

It’s quite good,
although it almost appears to be twisted at the very bottom of the sword.