Draw type in 2.4

OK i’m lost

single object in 0lder version the object drawtype was with F7 Key

but in 2.4 it is gone

where is it hidden now ?

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Not sure I know what you mean, but Object button now works like Material button in that there a couple of sub areas. Physics button is showing when you hit F7 so you have to click that little 3 pronged arrow icon on the top bar to get the old objects panel. After you’ve selected Objects you can just type F7 like before. That help?

It still is f7 but the there are two pane under f7 one is objects the other is physics, see in picture below its on the physics pane press the object button (the the thres axis arrows button next to the red & yellow particle button)


i open a file selected one object hit the F7 key and the draw type was not there

don’t know what happen

but now i can find it - Tanks

Still there? :slight_smile: Just realized if you hit the F7 key multiple times the sub-set panels cycle. Good to know.