Draw Type: Textured (when does it work?)

When I import or make a material that contains a texture, it sometimes does not appear when I am in Textured draw mode even though it does render in BI. I have also been able to make textures appear in draw mode but not render! I have seen textures in draw mode that appear to have a different mapping from the texture that is rendered.

Can anyone help me understand this duality of texture appearance or point me to a tutorial that covers this aspect?

I am looking for the process of applying materials with textures that can be seen with the same mapping in textured draw mode as it will appear when rendered.


I don’t understand why either, but Blender has to UV modes. One for rendering and one for viewport display. You have to program both as far as I can tell.

it may depends if you are in texture or shade mode also

mind you that texture and shade mode are only an approximation to the real thing
to give a general indication of the textures

the real thing is in the render window!


Thanks for the replies. So I have found that I can create a new cube (with no material applied), unwrap it and apply a texture that can be seen in the viewport but not the render. I can then apply a material with a texture and see it in the render.

However, if I first have a material applied (that renders), I can’t seem to apply a texture for the viewport.

I know there must be some simple thing I am missing here but what?

now are you talking the simple 3D viewport
or the UV editor viewport?

with UV you need to load up 2 pcitures

the first one is the reel UV texture in F5 then F7 loaded up

then you need to load up a new pic in the UV editor to see where the mapping is

then you’ll see it in the render

hope this help


Here is what works:

  1. Create a cube
  2. Open UV editor window
  3. Open an image in the window
  4. With cube selected, go to edit mode, then face select mode (important)
  5. UKey - Unwrap

Texture is visible now in the 3D viewport when Draw Type is Textured. But no texture is visible in render.

  1. Now create a material in F5 for the cube.
  2. Select TexFace in Material tab (also in F5)

Now texture is visible in both 3D viewport (realtime) and when rendered (BI).

But, I have not been able to create a material first and then apply a texture that is visible in the 3D viewport (with Draw Type Textured)

I’m sure I haven’t exhausted all of the possibilities, though.

Edit: OK. Now I think I found the reason the imported material was not showing textures in the 3D viewport. In the F7 Draw Tab, the draw type needs to be set to ‘Shaded’. (This seems to be important for texture viewport rendering also.)

yes this is a basic requirement for UV you need to be in texture or shade mode
to see it

but the textface is not the best way
it may not show everything check out wiki page about it

read more about basic of UV mapping

it’s better to use the long procedure by adding texture in F5 then F6
then set your map input ot UV
and after that you do your Unwrap and place the mapped faces on the picture

Happy blendering

Thanks for the reference to the problems with TexFace.

I am getting results now with the F5/F6 method where the 3D viewport matches the BI render after making UV corrections.

Now if I can do this consistently and with just individual faces and more complex geometries, I will be all set.

I know it is not really necessary to have 3D viewport textures but I have gotten spoiled by trueSpace real-time rendering.

You can try making them sticky, but most of the time you have to load them into the editor.

This is probably a no-brainer for the long time users but for noobs like me, here is a checklist of what seems to be required using the (approved) textured materials method:

To see textured materials on both render and viewports AND be able to adjust both using UV editor

Draw type for viewport: Textured
Draw type for object (F7): Shaded

Load material for object and image texture (the usual F5 and F6 operations)

Map Input for Texture in Material (F5): UV and Flat
Open a UV Edit window and load the texture image
Select the object then in Edit Mode use Face Select and select all faces
Unwrap (U -> Unwrap)

The texture image should appear in the 3D viewport and render. Modifications in the UV Edit window will affect both the 3D viewport and the render.