Draw Xray

Thank you for checking!
Yep, here:

test.zip (1.1 MB)

Looks like applying rotation to lowpoly object fixes the rendering problem. I will see if I can fix it from the addon


Amazing! Thank you very much for the tip! Yes it was solving the problem!
Yes, would be also very nice if it would be handled over addon, or maybe show a warning if your object has no rotation applied, so user know this.

I had the same issue with the clipping but I was able to solve it by creating another mesh, then joining the one having problems to the fresh one.

Update 2.6

In this small update I fixed bad drawing of some meshes, that have not applied transformations.
From my test it solves your problem, without neeed to apply rotation

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Amazing! This tool is very helpful if making retopology. Thank you very much for this !

Awesome plugin! Makes me wanna finally switch from maya to blender for retopo, However, I have experienced a few quite annoying issues that I do not know how to deal with, please,if possible, help :slightly_smiling_face:

  • First one is kinda small, but really annoying - for some reason line thickness in perspective mode is really varied, so much so that some lines are almost invisible. and that changes while I rotate the model, so in gets really distracting at times.
    This problem is not present is orthographic mode, but instead I get the issue that vertices on parts that are blocked by other parts get drawn on top altogether and that makes ortho mode even less usable than the perspective one.

*Second thing is that when I turn “enable snapping” on some vertices explode and go to the other side of the mesh. that messed up my current project so much that I switched to regular Blender snapping instead. maybe add option for not projecting vertices instantly?

I really wanna use blender more often, so please, help me out here if possible. Thank you for continued support of this thing!

ps have left the comment on Youtube before finding this page, sorry :sweat_smile:

Image for the second issue in previous post

I just fixed line width problem (it is not yet on gumroad). The ortographic view issue is know but I dont know how to fix it.
Can you send the blend file so I can see what is going on with snapping? Addon is using blender shrink wrap mod in background, so maybe there are settings which are better for your case. I can then add them to UI.
Sorry for late reply

Hello! Thank you for replying!
Here is the link to a file:

Ok I have released 2.7 version on gumraod fith fixed edges width, and exposed more snapping options. However when doing retopo, I recommend using snapping from the start to get predictable snap results (otherwise some verts randomly giving spikes or collapsing ugly in other spots - this is how shrink wrap mod works sometimes).

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Thank you! Hopefully it will help, although in production I often use existing topology +r3ds wrap to save time, so I guess for those cases I’ll have to stick to Maya then(

Blender really needs a working solution for retopology shading thats bullet proof


I dont know where to write cause there are no dedicated thread to Rotate face addon. I just want to say that this is godsent tool. You should start its own thread here

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Hi Jose;
Last week I switched to blender 3.0 but unfortunately draw x ray doesn’t work properly, any chance to get an update? thank you for this great addon

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It appears that the addon still uses the BGL module for some things, which won’t allow it to work in future versions since it’s getting deprecated. @JoseConseco Do you plan to update it? This addon is seriously the only decent path to retopo as of now.

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FWIW, bgl is still present in 3.0, and I don’t think there is a clear date when it will be removed in the 3.x cycle. Also, some bgl features, such as line smoothing, aren’t easily possible to do via the gpu module yet.