Draw your img of Ton Roosendaal if u dont know his apperence

I once saw Ton’s pic, but he didnt look like I had imagined. I thought he was fatter (maybe it’s the “ton”). I don’t really remember his appearence from that picture. Well, I’ll drew an image of him.


If you dont know what he looks like, draw an image and post it here, and then try to find out somehow how he really looks like. But dont post any photos of him on this thread, otherwise people can’t use their imagination freely. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always thought Ton looked like this:



A cyclops!!??

haha…me too! ignorant question who is ton rossenthal?

Out… out I say. There’s the door… [>]

“who is ton…”

Ton “IS” Blender. (Pretty much).

He is the alpha & omega hehe

Read this about Ton, but if you don’t want to see what he looks like don’t:

Draw the image :stuck_out_tongue: !

he’s some dude :stuck_out_tongue:

:wink: :wink:



please excuse his bad hand on the right it is deformed do to many long nights using a computer mouse, it is a bit curled up.


it is scary to me that henrymop’s image is the closest to ton’s image that i have seen yet on this thread :o , hahahoho

Haha, I went to look at his picture now and your right.

EDIT: His hair style looks similar.

Hey, does Ton ever post on Elysiun or have a gallery or something?

Why…Because I AM funny…lol I love to pick on WU…



Very well made.


Who’s ton he says :smiley: He’s our savor, without him Blender would never had become open source.

Well, You didnt draw those (except the leave to Wu’s lil somethin)! :o
Anyway… We got two drawings, already. Very coolio. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an ordinary Dutch psycho computernerd.


Silly topic.

sago that is freaking awsome man, make an animation!
you got skills bro!