Drawing 3D geometry using HTML 5 canvas & Wavefront .obj (Not WebGL).

Hello BGE enthusiasts!

Maybe this little experiment can be useful for those starting to learn matrices to do 3D graphics (Like me).


The autor of this file is a mate called Andi Smith.
It got my attention because it uses only the HTML 5 canvas element to do a 3D output. Although very simple (there is no shading or textures) it’s a valuable resource for those who are curious about how simple 3D rendering is done.

One can copy and paste the .obj file exported from the blender file bellow and it works. There is a custom .OBJ script attached to the .blend file bellow that generates only vertices and faces in a single line.

.blend file (Created in Blender 2.74).

I would like to depply thank Wilson Kazuo Mizutani by interpreting and commenting the code and Andi Smith for creating this amazing demo. Thank you so much for Campbell Barton and Yorik Van Havre for the custom export script.



P.S.: Interesting complementary post going on Blender StackOverflow (<–Related to development).