Drawing 3d models

I’ve discovered that for whatever reason my modeling isn’t so hot but my drawing is fairly passable. I was wondering of there were any programs or Blender plugins that allow me to use a Wacom Tablet to draw lines and connect them to form a 3d mesh. Kind of like Photoshop, but where you can draw on all axes.

how about sculpting instead?

only problem with Blender sculpting is that it needs at least a rough base mesh. But once you have that in place, it’s drawing all the way to add the nice details… use this Blender branch for latest sculpting awesomeness:

if you’re on windows, or just search graphicall for jwilkins…

you can also try Surface Sketching script from Eclectiel. It’s in the Addins tab in Blender 2.5 Alpha. You draw in 3D space with the grease pencil and the script makes surfaces out of them…

If you can draw elevations why not scan them in and use them as backgrounds to sketch over with some curves. Build a 3D outline of your model then add mesh using the curves as a guide.

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I’ve discovered that for whatever reason my singing isn’t so hot but my humming is fairly passable. I was wondering of there were any programs or Audacity plugins that allow me to hum parts and connect them to form a full singing track. Kind of like Karaoke, but where you hum along to a song.

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Can I ask… Are you just modeling straight off the bat without having any references, or model sheets for you to get the basic shape right?

If you can draw, then you can most probably model, you just need to practice it. To be quite honest 3d modeling isn’t all that difficult once you understand the basic principles and that you practice, practice, practice. Try with easy objects at first then build up from there.

Uncle Entity here ya go… http://www.hot-shareware.com/mp3-audio/akoff-music-composer/

Maybe we could get this as a Blender pluggin, it could go next to the make art button.

Please note the order of my assistance to synicism.

I’ve never seen anything quite like what you are asking for, at least not for professional work. There is (or maybe was at this point) a small application called SmoothTeddy but it’s dated and like I said not that usefully. There was a browser based version call Teddybut, like I said, noting that could be used in a productive way… very fun little app though (watch the demonstration video). The problem is 3D and 2D are very different beasts and the both require different approaches, but I’m sure you know that all to well.

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I can relate to you. I felt like that about two years ago? 3d modeling requires a different way of thinking. There is no shortcut. You just have to keep at it until it clicks.

I would suggest you keep on working on Blender but also try Sculptris.

Somehow, you will have to go from flat to bumped… Have your drawing as face and profile as background image and scullpt along your lines. I don’t think they are so many other ways… except, maybe, pic a finish 3d model close to your drawed form.

Thanks, I imagine modeling with curves would suit me better but it is a bit inefficient without being able to draw the lines without my tablet. I’m not terrible with modeling, I’m just better at drawing so I was hoping to expand on that. I’ll look into the ideas you guys posted. Thanks!

i know, not blender, but take a look at this shadow box thing in the vid posted here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=090818

Actually I am suprised that poeple have not mentioned it yet, but there is a tool that does exactly that, it allows you to draw lines in 2D , and then each time you fill square it creates a 3d surface for you .

Topology tools in blender are meant to be used on top of existing surfaces so to remake an imporved topologically surface. But when there is no surface underneath it creates a complete new surface from the square you have build from your lines.

And yes I think its an excellent tool to use if your drawing skills are very good.

I remmeber a tutorial that I read/watched somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. So you will have to check it out yourself. But I have tried it and it works.

Wait… Wait … I found it , here it is , it is called Retopo Paint


However agree with the prvious poster, sculpting is definetely the way to go if you are good at drawing/painting , makes life soooo much easier even on simple surfaces.

Well, there’s Rhonda. It’s a neat project, but I don’t really like the models it produces. They don’t feel solid.

A Japanese guy had a cool Java prototype about 10 years ago called Teddy. You can find it here.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more development in this area, but I suspect that it’s because most 3d artists can’t draw very well and it’s a tough problem to solve.

Entity, your website is aptly named.

There’s also ShapeShop, although i’m not certain of the development status of it at this point :: http://www.shapeshop3d.com/

I see someone mentioned the surface sketching add-in in blender, but there’s also the array sketching script, which you unfortunately have to install yerself … search the forums, it’s in here somewhere …

Teddy is awesome.

Would be great to have such functionality for the grease pencil in blender.