Drawing Circles and async issues

Hello :slight_smile:

  1. Drawing circles.
    Is there a way to render out circles (similar to bge.render.drawLine)?
    Or an alternative method without any textures/objects?

  2. async issues.
    Enabling async to my libLoad instantly crashes Blender when the game starts. To desktop crash, no warnings in console.
    It is set to ‘Scene’. Works fine without async.
    Does it have anything to do with how the script is hooked up? (only one pulse or true level triggering?) Currently just attached to a single positive pulse at beginning of game.

logic.LibLoad(<i>Directory</i>/galaxy.blend, 'Scene', async=True)

Hello. Thank you for the reply Monster :slight_smile:
I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble for making two posts at the same time. I was wrong.

I had a eureka moment with the circle and wrote this bad boy:

    ang = 0.0
    radius = 5.0
    ang_step = 0.1
    while ang &lt; 2 * pi:
        x = float(length*cos(ang))
        y = float(length*sin(ang))
        x1 = float(length*cos(ang+ang_step))
        y1 = float(length*sin(ang+ang_step))
        ang += ang_step

Draws circles :slight_smile:
ang_step is smoothness (how many points on the circle)

Is this the best way to do it?