drawing from paper to blender

this is a very beginner question, sorry but I’m newbie, here it is:

the only way to get my draws in blender is create them from scracth using the mouse? can I scan them? is there any other device better than the mouse?

thanks for your help

you could try to use inkscape to convert your 2d drawings
there is a function to convert geometry to curves path then you can import to blender

but not simple and not always very precise
depends if your drawings are complicated pieces or just a few lines !

hope it helps

happy 2.5

thanks for your answer… so you are saying that if I want to work in draw a puppy or a penguin -like Linux Tux- maybe I may scan my paper sketch using inkscape, then i can export it to blender; BUT if I need to create a 5min short of my custom episode of The Simpsons, with all characters, scenario, maybe it’s better to do it from scatch using blender and my mouse… is this correct?

the 3d designers use the mouse as the only way to draw in 3d?

for 2D i mean you can redo it in blender it might faster then converting and do a good job the first time

you can also use the Curve to add line the convert to mesh
but you still need to add one vertex at a time

but don’t think it’s that bad
you do the same thing in 3D you have to model it
you can use the proprotionel tools or other tools after

i mean that 's the process of modelling i guess!

i don’t really know any other way to enter theses
except for this special function in inkscape!
which is sort of a compromise cause it can generate a lot of vertices
mind you in 2.5 we have a script to reduce and simplify curves
so this may help if you use this

good luck

I’m confused by the question… is htamayo asking about how to import a background image to model over?

If you scan your drawing and create a JPEG or PNG file, you can then use it as a background image and start your modeling from there.

i think he means that he has to re draw a 2D drawing in blender
and if this can be done automatically
like the Convert function in inskape from 2D drawing to curve

or you do it manually in blender by importing a scanned copy of the picture
but it 's done vertexs by vertex

another way here that might be faster would be to use the grease pencil function
in blender to draw continous line on screen
ut might be usefull but you’ll probably need to use the curve simplifier to reduce amont of vertices afterward!

hope it helps

Well I am wondering why you are using blender to animate a 2d cartoon. It seems like there would be some better software out there for animating 2d then blender. Flash for instance.

Blender is fine at 2D work, as long as you do your homework first and storyboard clearly what each shot entails. Example here: http://www.blendernation.com/barry-and-dan-burglars/

I don’t see this as a request for 2D animation though - looks like the original post is about how to import the image as a reference for modeling over, which is pretty standard practice. View >> use background image kind of thing. Other than that, Blender does not have an automatic “make my characters for me” button.