Drawing Graphs in front side and top view, independantly.

Greetings. I am new to blender. I have read a few tutorials and understand the concepts of 3d construction in a general sense.

I am attempting to create some 2d graphs that will be created in the different front, side, top views, that will be rendered independantly, and then later, positioned together to be rendered in a conglomerate 3d view.

I have hit a problem…, I can not seem to draw a circle in any view other then front view. I also have not been able to find any means to twist the object so that it displays “face up” in the side or top views.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, independantly, I have read in tutorials that ALT V should clone the selected object. I have tried all manner of key combinations but I am still unable to clone an object. This is resulting in some less then accurate effects. Help on this would also be greatly appreciated.

Thirdly, and also independantly, Is there a way to “pin” an objects edge to another objects edge? If you will imagine a series of “paths” all joined at one end and fanned out to create the shape of a pie graph… with a circle around it to complete the pie. Is there a way to ensure all paths start at the exact center of the circle, and finish at the exact perimiter of the circle?

Thanking you all in advance :slight_smile:

Matt Sargent
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You can rotate objects using the 3D Manipulator, or Key combinations.
This is pretty basic stuff so maybe you should check out more tutorials.
And you can add a pre-made perfect circle.
Spacebar > Add > Mesh > Circle

To make duplicates, you can use Shift-D, or Alt+D.
Alt+D is a linked duplicate, so when you make a change to the mesh, it will happen across all duplicates.
While Shift-D is independant.

I’m not sure about pinning, but you can press Shift-S, and chooce Selection (Highlighted Verts/Objects) > Grid.
And if you want a pie graph, there’s the “fill” option when adding meshes. then you could extrude out to make a circle around it.

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  1. Play with R button more.

  2. Alt D = linked duplicates, where one change to the mesh affects all duplicates, and shift D = unlinked duplicate that can be edited freely with out affecting anything else.

  3. accept as accurate as possible as good enough :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I must have misheard the tutor and had been playing with c and v and combinations of alt,shift,control to try to get that duplication. This will speed up my little animation a lot.

Thanks for the welcome too :slight_smile:

An extension to 3. I was wondering if there was a way to use the positioning tool… the default icon that shows where new objects will be created as a means of pinning stuff to the same location… such as select a vertex. and manuver it to “exactly” the location that the positioning tool is at, preferably by a hot key or a menu box for pure accuracy. This would replicate the pinning function I was looking for if it is possible.

If it cant be done by a hotkey, is there a way to select a vertex of an object and give it new co-ordinates so that the entire object moves as is (same size, rotation, structure as original), so that the particular vertex sits at the new co-ordinates. If this is possible I can simply read the co-ordinates of the positioning tool and manually enter those for each vertex I want to be “pinned” together.

Thank you again!

New objects are added at the 3D cursor, not to be confused with the 3D Manipulator (The Gizmo Thing)
So, in the Shift-S Menu, you can also choose to have the Cursor, placed to your selection, or the nearest Grid.
Shift-C, is the hotkey that places the Cursor at the centre.
It’s faster then bringing up the Shift-S Menu, but not always unusable for you situation?

Well after you placed your cursor where you desire, you can then open the menu again and place your selection at the cursor.

And sorry if any of this was unclear, long day for me. Dozing off…
Feel free to ask anymore questions. Get back to you tomorrow…