Drawing ontop of Video

I was wanting to know if anyone knows of a free program out there that allows you to draw or paint on top of a video file, in another layer of something, and show an onion skin view so that you may see if you will have a smooth transition from one frame to another. I have Jahshaka but I cant find a way to see an onion skin view.

You can do that in GIMP.
But You have to convert Your video into an image sequence.

Jahshaka is a real time video effects… you only need to setup the transparency in animation module on the working layer and you will see the result.

I don’t work with drawing module in jahshaka, but i prefer inkscape for drawing something and then import that in jahashaka (.png format)

I setup the transparency with k-button on the selected frame to make smooth transitions.

francisco, could you explain this in a bit more detail? By Onion skin, I mean I want to see the frames before and after the frame I’m working on. I would make an image sequence, but don’t know how to do this in gimp in a time efficient manner

In GIMP You need to have the GAP (GIMP Animation Package) plugin installed.
You can find that here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=121075
Then You will have the “Video” menu and there You can find basically everything what You need for rotoscoping. For instance You have a very comfortable Onionskin configuration, VCR navigator, many functions to work with image sequences, MPG splitting/encoding, keying …
Of course it can’t hold up with a complete compositing system, but if You are searching for a free alternative, it should be ok.

Ahhagggg! man, you know… the documentation and tutorials in jahshaka web really sucks.
But, the animation module is the more mature I think.

Give me some time and i will make a basic guide with some screenshots. English is not my native language.


I assume that you read the Animation tutorial… http://www.jahshaka.org/content/view/61/42/
it’s rally helpful for introducing jahshaka.

the big difference is instead the control tab, two new tabs are added in the last version of jahshaka; LAYERS & CONTROLS, on the last one are the transparency options.

Others tips;
>You can hit on the scrubbers lcd with the right button of the mouse and pop up´s calculator let you insert specifics numbers to setup the controls.
>You can setup the on-off animation of each layer, just using the key button. This option let you insert any object or video in the middle of the sequence.

okay, go playing with jahshaka and let us know if this was useful or not.


It is actually possible in Blender. I think Rambobaby posted about doing this.

I found this video tutorials on youtube and they are very illustrating

and this one…

I installed GAP how do I load a video? what files are legal?
thanks francisco for the links. So can Jashaka allow you to paint on top and us onion skin?

Let me guess, onion skin is a second layer? with transparency options? well yes. Jashaka have a paint module and unlimited set of named layers, each one with configuration controls and efects, but like I say… “I don’t work with drawing module in jahshaka, but I prefer inkscape for drawing something and then import that in jahashaka (.png format)”

I never tried it, but I thought that Wax from Debugmode, had a paint and rotoscope feature/

You’re going to need to parse the video into frames in order to get into GAP. There are lots of programs that will do this. Be forwarned: You’re going to need a whole bunch of free disk space to do such a thing. I parsed a 15 fps, 1 hour 23 minute, 480x336 movie, and ended up with a folder that’s 14 GB in size and has 74899 frames.

I learn something about onion skin technique, anyway…
this softwares maybe useful for your requirements


this is the source…

How do I load the images into gimp once they are frames?
learned about the animation module, nice but I believe I need the paint. The onion skin isn’t like a second layer its more of a way to see the next and previous frames in the sequence so that you may tween them better.

Load the first frame and GAP will do the rest.

oh ok… lol I feel stupid.
I think that The GAP and Jashaka will be good programs that I can use. Thanks for the help everyone.
Any links to how to use onion skin for Gap

I did not think before but perhaps what you need is cinepaint