Drawing/Painting a face

Hello, I’m very new to Blender, and I’m having trouble with something I thought would be incredibly obvious (it probably is anyway).

I’ve made a model of a Boo (as in, the ghost’s from Super Mario), but I can’t figure out how to paint it. I’ve looked at tutorials, and it all says ‘use vertex paint!’ but when I do, the colour either doesn’t show up, or it does show up but it paints a whole vertex and I can’t get the level of detail I want.

Also, when I render the image it still shows no colour.

I’ve been seeing something about UV image, or something about UV… maybe about creating a texture on your model to paint?

Thanks in advance!

A quick example :

  • split your main screen in 2, on the right change the 3D view to UV/Image Editor, so you have on the left the 3D view and on the right the UV/Image Editor.

  • go into Edit Mode on the 3D View

  • Mark seams on your model then unwrap
    If you don’t know what it is, you’ll need some reading to do and tutorials to watch

But don’t despair : to quickly test, you can make an automatic UV (will never be as good as a manually done one, and why you should read some unwrapping tutorials), it will quickstart you easily :

To do so, select your whole Model, press U and select “Smart UV Project” then press OK at the popup
Notice what it does on the UV/Image Editor.

  • Once you have your UV , in the UV/Image Editor click on Image then on New Image.
    Don’t change anything for this example (you could change the color from black to white as your ghost is entirely white), there’s no need.

It will create a black texture for your model by default (or white if you changed the color if you wanted)

  • in the UV/Image Editor press A to select the whole UV if it’s not already selected and press S to rescale it a bit so there are a bit of space between the UV and the texture borders.

  • Then in the 3D view, change from Edit Mode to Texture Paint.
    Now you can paint on your model in the 3D View, using the brush size (named radius), strength and your wanted colors.
    There are more features and functions, but for you’ll get more from a more indepth tutorial.

okay, thanks a lot!