Hello, I’m very new to Blender, and I’m having trouble with something I thought would be incredibly obvious (it probably is anyway).

I’ve made a model of a Boo (as in, the ghost’s from Super Mario), but I can’t figure out how to paint it. I’ve looked at tutorials, and it all says ‘use vertex paint!’ but when I do, the colour either doesn’t show up, or it does show up but it paints a whole vertex and I can’t get the level of detail I want.

Also, when I render the image it still shows no colour.

I’ve been seeing something about UV image, or something about UV… maybe about creating a texture on your model to paint?

Thanks in advance!

Yup. To paint on your model you have to unwrap it and assign a texture to it. Unwrapping is in other words creating a map for how the surface of your 3d model corresponds to a 2d texture. It can be pretty complex depending on your model, so I won’t describe the whole procedure step by step here. I’m pretty sure you won’t have any trouble finding an appropriate tutorial.

Okay, thanks a lot!