Drawing rigs like Pixar/Dreamwork.

Hi all,

I coded a script for simulate the fantastic rigs of Pixar/Dreamworks.

here a video:

Based on this videos:

Pixar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TKiurxbWTk

Dreamworks http://www.movieweb.com/video/V08EknqrBGKTXY

Edit: Bomba character http://cesio.arg.googlepages.com/bomba3.blend

Can’t wait till we can all try it out! Looks really cool.

Perhaps I missed something, but, what are you doing in your YouTube video that cannot be done in 2.46 without scripts?

I’m still learning blender, moving from another “major commercial” 3d app, but I dont see what you’re doing that mancandy or BBB does without scripts.

I mean no offense :slight_smile:

blenderificus: actually, he is doing this WITH scripts (scriptlinks to be precise)

please do define

how is he doing it with scriptlinks?

Bomba rig: http://cesio.arg.googlepages.com/bomba3.blend for testing

Downloading now, thanks!

Thanks for sharing the blend, :slight_smile: I’m new to scriptlinks, hopefully i can learn more from your rig. much appreciated Cesio.

My apologies if this comes as annoying, but can anyone elaborate on what this script does, and how its mimicking pixar style rigs/animation? I DL’ed the blend, great work, but I dont see what its doing that blender 2.46 does without the scripts. I’m not trying to be confrontational, I’m just a blender noob and would appreciate any elaboration, thanks much!

blenderificus: have you got scriptlinks/scripts enabled?

Man! Im been waiting for this to happen!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

my scripts are enable, but all i see the script doing is turning the part i am selecting to the color “red” upon selection, hmm. am I missing something, please help, sorry for seeming daft, just trying to learn blender ASAP.

This is super cool. I can apply this to a rig I am making now? I am noticing that my framerate drops a bit when the bomb body is selected and I rotate the camera view.

I also would like a better description on exactly what this rig is doing differently. I am just now starting to look at rigging some stuff and don’t have the depth of knowledge to look at a rig and say “Wow! Those scriptlinks really helped me to do…”

So, for the benefit of blenderificus and the rest of the community, can someone actually articulate what is the difference this rigging technique does as compared to the default technique out of 2.46?

instead of selecting bones to animate you can select the mesh they affect with the same result, making things tidier.

Great! Now that’s a description that will tell us less knowledgeable artists why this is significant.

indeed, thanks to JCLethargic for the articulation.

has anyone see if this allows for vertex groups as opposed to individual meshes to trigger the underlying bones selection? That would be cool too, IMO.

Thanks again to Cesio for sharing with the community!

PhilBo, a rig with excessive controllers turn animation process to heavy, finding bones, activate/deactivate layers, overlapping bones over mesh.
Bomba’s rig try be more clear and simply. It’s experimental.

Scripts isn’t good for drawing lot of polys in 3d view (need more optimization too)

such a great tool, have you done any further work on it?

I don’t see all that much difference between this and just drawing all the bones as a proxy mesh