Drawing simple non interactive gizmos in the 3DView

Hi !
For some tool I am working, I would like to draw some simple non interactive gizmo (Preferably in the shape of a “+”) in front of vertices my mouse is currently over, and I was wondering what solution I would have to do such thing in Blender with Python.

I already did some googling and found about the “bpy.types.GizmoGroup”, but when it comes to the actual availables Gizmo types/Gizmo identifier, the documentation is scarce, I only found this: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/131685/gizmo-types-in-blender-2-8
And none of the seemingly available gizmo types would match what I am looking for. Plus even if some of them would have a visual style that could work, they have some interactivity that I do not want.

Are there some other solutions do that what I want?

Note that I am very new to scripting with Blender, I have some experience now with C# in unity, as well as melscript and some maxscript, but I have to admit I am at the moment a bit lost when it comes to Blender.