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I am trying to get a digital drawing tablet, but I have no software. I can’t afford the professional software, but is there any software that is good that isn’t as basic as MS Paint 3D? I would like to get a tablet and software because I want to draw better and draw things like concept art or storyboards, but I don’t know what software to get. If there isn’t any that are free, are there any that I can afford?

A little bit of research should bring several answers, all Open Source, worthy of support and usage. I have them both, and support them with donations. Krita and Gimp are the best, with slightly different focus. Krita is more attuned to creative drawing and emulation of traditional tools. Gimp is equally useful, albeit somewhat more attuned to Photo manipulation, but has drawing tools also. Use search tools, these are easy to find.

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There’s also paint.net, Inkscape, and deviantArt Muro. However, I mainly use GIMP as my art software of choice. I have no experience with paint, Inkscape, Muro, or Krita.

Krita is an all around solid program. I’ve been using it these last few days, and have been surprised at how feature rich and flexible it is.

With that said, it’s still primarily a painting app. if you’re looking for something more akin to Photoshop, I’d recommend Affinity Photo. Unlike GIMP, which is decent enough, but falls short in a few key areas, AP is nearly a 1:1 replacement for Photoshop, and only costs about $50.


Also, don’t forget blenders own grease pencil.

And Autodesk Sketchbook went free a while ago:

Is Krita compatible with digital drawing tablets?

Yup. Though if you happen to have some weird brand of tablet, you can check here to see if Krita supports it.

I have seen people do wonder with GIMP ( Try Sylvia Ritter on Twitter ). Krita is a solid tool and supports the type of drawing you are talking about.

Inkscape is also supporting a variety of drawing tablets. It is mainly the operating system. Both Ubuntu and Windows are capable of receiving input from leading brands like Wacom.

A wildcard entry, which I have limited use with myself, but I’m constantly hearing great things about, is Affinity Photo. They are a solid alternative to Photoshop, and to my knowledge, it has a lot of the tools photoshop has. It’s not free though, like the others mentioned here, but it’s significantly cheaper than photoshop, at ~ £/$50 (currently half that price, actually). And that’s a one time price too. Worth taking a look.

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There is lots of krita tutorials. The built in plugins are not bad. There is no plugin support though. Gimp has plugin support. I believe gimp will accept photoshop brushes. And Gimp can read photoshop files.

Krita is the program I use.

Both programs that I mentioned and support have the ability to use Gmic. It is built-in for Gimp and requires a download for Krita, last I looked. Affinity Photo looks great also, even if it costs a very modest amount.

This question should be rephrased as “Why would anyone use Krita without a graphics tablet or pen drawing monitor?”.

Krita is one of the best digital drawing apps out there - ‘professional level’. And completely free.What’s not to like?


One of the most fun digital drawing programs that I tried out lately is this one:

It’s inexpensive, and some of the most fun I have had drawing in software.

I personally use Clip Studio Paint, it is just perfect to use with my tablet as everything is controllable as far as the sensitivity is concerned and all can be done on the fly.
The array of tools is perfect and custom brushes are easy to create. I actually picked up my copy from Amazon at a meager 25$… you would need to check on pricing…

paint.net doesn’t point to anything.

20 $ https://youtu.be/KPMmh1Zp1nc quite flexible drawing tool

Because it’s title of program, official website is https://www.getpaint.net/

It’s like 1 step above old ms paint because it has layers, not sure why people recommend it for painting.